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Entertainment is 24/7 for fans. They expect to be engaged at a moment's notice wherever they are. That’s good news for television on all platforms, but also demands keeping audiences connected before, during, between and after episodes and seasons.

Primetime and online clip-driven content is a solution that rewards fans, attracts new viewers and builds buzz. HODDER’s recognized expertise has been honed on groundbreaking shows like LOST and Battlestar Galactica. Fan favorites like One Tree Hill and Twisted. And social media juggernauts like Scandal and Pretty Little Liars.

Each project has a primary purpose, like launching a new series or season, bidding farewell to fans, re-engaging audiences after an extended hiatus, or kicking off a night of event television. HODDER fulfills the purpose while aligning seamlessly with the network’s objectives, a show's personality and audience expectations.

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Circle of Confusion's Role

Circle client, HODDER.